weather and accessibility

We are an open air museum and all tours are weather permitting only.

Please click here to see current weather conditions. 


  1. Stay with your group and tour host so you don't get lost!  These are *guided* tours for your safety and the preservation of the site.
  2. All of the fruit on the tour and the grounds is considered "forbidden fruit" - no picking it! 
  3. We are a "true earth" environment and our hardpan planters, walls and surfaces are delicate. Please do not sit or climb on the planters or furnishings. 
  4. Photos of the historic site are vacation photos for your personal enjoyment. All rights to photos taken of the site remain with the Forestiere Underground Gardens, and may not be copyrighted or sold. (please see our photo policy)
  5. Please keep your children with you at all times.  Our open air museum can be exciting for children, but it is not a playground.  


Guided tours require about 60 minutes of gentle walking, with approximately 20 stairs (with hand rails). We can comfortably accommodate visitors with walkers or canes, and offer an alternate route for visitors in standard wheelchairs (26 inches or less).

Due to our narrow passageways and true earth environment, we cannot permit:

  • wheelchairs wider than 26 inches
  • motorized scooters
  • pets other than certified therapy animals
  • strollers
  • backpack style baby carriers

For parents with young children we recommend slings, wraps or other front style carriers.

   Narrow passageway in Baldassare's later living quarters.

Narrow passageway in Baldassare's later living quarters.

Wet Weather

In order to safely offer tours of our museum, the grounds must be dry enough to walk on and no substantial rain is hitting the area. Tours could be canceled and schedules changed without notice, which may be the case due to an overnight rain storm, or successive days of rain, or rain showers during the hours of operation. If you arrive for a tour and find our site closed due to rain or wet conditions, we apologize for the inconvenience! 

Hot Weather

If you are visiting during the summer months, please be aware that while the underground rooms are cooler, there is no central air conditioning underground. Temperatures underground vary about 10 to 30 degrees cooler than the surface, but it still may be uncomfortable for people with heat sensitivity or those with medical conditions. 

   Baldassare Forestiere's underground bedroom.

Baldassare Forestiere's underground bedroom.