New Arrival in Our Trinity Courtyard

Kumquat Tree Forestiere Underground Gardens

In addition to carving out 18 - 23 acres of rooms, tunnels and courtyards, Baldassare Forestiere also planted and cared for a variety of citrus trees in his underground gardens. Three types of oranges, two varieties of lemons, cedros, grapefruits, and kumquats are among the varieties found here. While most citrus lasts about 50 years, we have many trees that have extended beyond that lifespan because they are underground and out of the elements. 

However, when a tree does come to the end of its life, we don't leave the spot blank - we find a suitable replacement to keep the gardens growing. Baldassare's great-nephew has done just that in our Trinity Courtyard. We have a new Kumquat tree in the Northwest corner of the triangular shaped planter.

Stop by soon to see our new tree and

visit the Forestiere Underground Gardens!